UHGBC 2011 | Opening Night and Exhibition

Invitation: UHGBC Exhibition Opening Night – 17 November 2011
Date: 17 November 2011 – 12 February 2012
Exhibition: Parametric Systems: Theory + Practice Prototypes
Hosted By: Materials Research Collaborative (MRC) / UHGBC

Location: Gerald D Hines College of Architecture - University of Houston
2011 Fall : Parametric Systems - Theory + Practice
Professor: Wendy W Fok

Jose Aguilar
Mike Cutulle
Fatima Elsanousi
Bin Fu
Andrea Gonzalez
Stacey Henze
Sterling Mennear

Ryley Poblete
Pedro Velasquez
John Rezsonya
Joseph Robles
Josh Sawyer
Brent Solomon
Richard Spencer
WanJun Yu

more info about the event--

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Rhino Blog : http://blog.rhino3d.com/2011/11/opening-night-and-exhibition-at-uhgbc.html