The architect is no longer an organizer of matter and space, but a designer of systems with multi-layered components and increasingly complex relationships. [En]Coding Architecture 2013 invites rising superstars, experienced researchers and designers to present experimental work derived through computational thinking and digital making. [En]Coding Architecture 2013 positions the field as an alloy of programming, digital tooling, art and science. This conference synthesizes new trajectories for the profession within the context of tectonics, cultural philosophy, architectural theory and geopolitics. Undeniably, there is a global desire to re-discuss architecture now

Submission in the following fields are encouraged

  • Material Morphology and Code
  • Tooling
  • Interaction I Human Computer Interface I Behavior
  • Augmented Construction I Architectural Robots in the Built Environment
  • Data I Architecture as Geopolitical Act
  • The new Pathology of Architecture I Indulging Opulence I Flesh
  • More information on session subjects can be found here