Niche Tactics: Generative Relationships Between Architecture and Site

by Caroline O'Donnell (Author)

A snippet from Ingraham’s Foreword:

“…O’Donnell’s book provides very sharp insights into what it might mean to draw, as an architect or urban designer, in order to draw out, in an ecological sense, the ‘missing perspectives’ of diverse and com­plex contexts in past, contemporary, and future architectural work.”

Niche Tactics aligns architecture's relationship with site with its ecological analogue: the relationship between an organism and its environment.

Bracketed between texts on giraffe morphology, ecological perception, ugliness, and hopeful monsters, architectural case studies investigate historical moments when relationships between architecture and site were productively intertwined, from the anomalous city designs of Francesco de Marchi in the sixteenth century to Le Corbusier’s near eradication of context in his Plan Voisin in the twentieth century to the more recent contextualist movements. Extensively illustrated with 140 drawings and photographs, Niche Tactics considers how attention to site might create a generative language for architecture today.

Interview with Routledge :